"A Silent Dialogue with Nature"

“In all of nature there can be nothing more expressive than silence,” wrote John Hay. John Hay, the grandson of John Milton Hay spent a lot of time in and writing about nature. My artwork couldn't be more at home in this exhibit which features the work of eight talented artists. Four of my new works now hang in the Main Floor Gallery along with a diverse collection of 2d works and ceramics. 

I was incredibly excited for this show because that 'silence' is what I most enjoy and try to capture in a lot of my pieces. 'Carrying On' (below), the largest piece at 12x36" depicts my snowshoeing experience the morning after a big storm.

 Yes, there is a beautiful silence in the crisp air and clear, post-storm skies. At the same time, the deep snow absorbs all the sounds and makes even the tiniest chirp sound intimate and close by. As I break trail in fresh snow and hear the muffled crunching of snow underfoot, the bustle of wildlife 'carrying on' and getting back to business seems to sing along.  

Many of my works depict the view from the top of a mountain hike, and I did include two pieces, 'Worth the Trip' and 'Final Scramble' along with another snow scene 'Heading Down'. Of course, those views from the mountain top have a different silence that is associated with the elevation and the distance that one can see, but that is a story for another time.

 All four works can be seen in my shop, but must be purchased through the gallery. If you are local, it is worth the trip to The Fells in Sunapee to view the gallery in person (now through October 9th) as well as explore the beautiful estate!

Check out the video of the main gallery room! Hubby was taking pictures of me as I was recording (he is one of my biggest fans :))












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