A Sneak Peek at My New Linocut Collection

Exploring New Hampshire's Native Trees: A sneak peek at my new linocut collection

I’m excited to share a glimpse into a new project that has been close to my heart and is currently in the works: a collection of linocut prints celebrating New Hampshire’s native tree species. This collection represents a beautiful fusion of my background in ecology and my passion for art.

The Inspiration Behind the Collection

New Hampshire’s forests have always been a source of inspiration for me. The diversity and beauty of our native trees provide endless material for artistic exploration. I find that each tree has its own personality and beauty in the imperfectness of each tree where there is evidence of overcoming the challenges it has faced. Though we find beauty and marvel at this imperfectness in the natural world, we often don't afford ourselves or others this same deference. It is a reminder to be kind to ourselves and others....

This new collection aims to highlight the unique characteristics and natural elegance of these trees, and provide information on the importance and role of each species in our forest communities.

The Linocut Technique

Linocut printmaking is a relief printing technique that involves carving an image into a linoleum block. The raised areas of the block are inked and then pressed onto paper to create the final print. This method allows for a high level of detail and texture, making it perfect for capturing the intricate patterns of tree bark, leaves, and branches.

Each print in this collection will be hand-carved and hand-printed, ensuring that every piece is unique. After the initial print, I'll add color by hand, bringing each print to life with vibrant, natural hues. The process is meticulous and time-consuming, but it’s incredibly rewarding to see the finished pieces come together.

Bringing Ecology and Art Together

My background in ecology deeply informs my artistic practice. Understanding the ecological significance of each tree species adds another layer of meaning to my work. This collection is not just about creating beautiful images; it’s also about raising awareness of the importance of preserving our native trees and the habitats they support.

What to Expect

I’m planning to release this collection as a series of limited edition, hand-colored prints. Each print will be accompanied by a brief description of the tree species depicted, highlighting its ecological role and unique characteristics. This educational component is important to me, as it connects the art to the broader context of environmental conservation.

Looking Ahead

I’m hoping to have the first series of this collection completed by the end of the year. As always, my newsletter subscribers will have the first opportunity to view and purchase these works, so be sure to subscribe!  If you’re as excited about this project as I am, stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks in the coming months.


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