Packaging Art for Shipping

Shipping original artwork can be a bit stressful and I am always holding my breath until I hear from the customer or get notice that the work arrived safe. I do all I can to ensure that the work arrives undamaged and like to reuse packing materials (I do a lot of online shopping, particularly for art materials!) to do so. There are several layers to the packaging:

  1. Protecting the surface of the artwork from packing materials is the first priority. I use glassine, a glossy, transparent paper that is resistant to grease, oils and water, is acid free, and chemically inert. It is an ideal choice for protecting the artwork.
  2. A cardboard or foam core (from saved packing or matting materials) protective layer is added on top of the glassine to protect the surface of the artwork from dings.
  3. The entire package is then wrapped in bubble wrap. This can take many forms as I reuse whatever packing materials I have on hand.
  4. The whole package is then placed in a box with additional packing materials to prevent movement if necessary.
  5. Finally, I add the packing slip, a thank you note, and often times, a little something extra :)
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